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Why Join BF2RA?

Membership of BF2RA gives Individual Members access to leveraged and targeted R&D in the biomass and fossil fuels areas. Research is primarily recruited through Open Calls for proposals on specific topics as specified by the BF2RA Members themselves. Typically BF2RA offers grants towards PhD or post-doctoral studies with the balance of funding coming either from internal university sources or from other third parties.

The funding model adopted by BF2RA offers Members extremely advantageous financial gearing for research that is contracted. BF2RA is an established organisation with a significant research portfolio that currently affords some 30:1 financial gearing to its Members. In contrast direct 100% funding of R&D by a single company clearly achieves no financial gearing and funding as a single company through say a Doctorate Training Centre Scheme would only achieve gearing of up to 4:1. Now is therefore the right time to join BF2RA and to share the benefits of its future growth and associated influence on R&D to Members' benefit in the field of biomass and fossil fuel.

Additionally BF2RA organises the annual Energy Science Lecture with BF2RA Members together with sponsors agreeing the lecturer.

Membership and Membership Fees

Current membership of BF2RA comprises a mix of electricity supply, equipment manufacturer, user and research organisations. New members are welcomed from all of these categories and from the public sector.

Annual membership subscriptions are as shown below. Any future variation in subscription rates will be subject to the agreement of the Membership of BF2RA.

  Tier 1 (Fuel / major equipment suppliers/ power generators) £25,000.00
  Tier 2 (Users, consultants) £12,500.00
  Tier 3 (R&D/ government organisations) £18,000.00

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