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2021 Call for Proposals now open - see Call for Proposals section for more details

An Introduction to BF2RA

BF2RA was established in late 2009 as a not for profit company that is limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. Membership is open to both the private and public sector. Current Members includes leading companies from the electricity supply industry, major equipment manufacturers, major fuel users and the research sector.

The objectives of BF2RA are to promote research and other scientific studies into:

 •  the production, distribution and use of biomass and fossil fuel and their derivatives.

 •  the minimisation of by-products arising from the use of biomass and fossil fuel and to assess the environmental impact caused by such materials and the development of products thereof and

 •  to provide funding for such work and to publish the useful results, to make grants to any person or persons engaged in or connected with research work, and to advance the education of such persons.

BF2RA principally selects projects for funding via open calls for proposals. This ensures a level playing field for the academic institutions. BF2RA Membership represents a broad range of biomass and fossil fuel interests and this has resulted in research being targeted to meet industry needs and priorities. Research is part funded with the balance of funding coming from the UK Research Council, university and other third party sources.

Membership of BF2RA enables access to the results from all funded research and Members currently gain financial gearing of about 30:1.

BF2RA currently (April 2016) has a portfolio of 23 projects (14 ongoing and 9 completed) with a combined full economic value well in excess of £3M. Further projects will be recruited this year from BF2RA's 2016 Targeted Call for Proposals.

In addition to funding research, BF2RA organises the Energy Science Lecture (ESL) and reception that is held in the autumn of each year. At the 2015 ESL event an afternoon technical session featured presentations and poster displays on BF2RA research.